A Cowardly act

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Things go a bit loopy on the gig front at The Craufurd Arms this week, with a fetching array of the loud stuff, and it’s a week that starts with Heart of a Coward, making their return to local soil after a frankly dazzling year in action.

City Nights has seen a swell of bands over the summer, but few appearacnes match up to the sheer power of Heart of a Coward, playing to a packed out ? tent at The Download Festival.

And their crushing set was appreciated by an engaged crowd loving every hard and heavy minute.

The band’s gig at The Craufurd comes hot on the heels of theirsecond album, the masterful Severance, which was issued through Century Media Records at the start of the month.

Drummer Noddy promises that Friday’s gig will pull heavily on the disc, with “live performances of all new unheard material from the new album as well as crowd favorites from our debut record.”

If 2013 has stacked up neatly for them, 2014 will be the year of the Coward, with another excusion to Europe on the cards before the band head down under and cause chaos among the roos!

Tickets are on sale at £7, and support will come from The Charm The Fury, Malevolence and Invocation.

HOAC are confident the bill will do some damage: “This package will decimate so make sure you come down...see you all in the pit!” p

It’s going to be a night to rememember.

When the dust has settled and the room aired, it’s over to Bordeaux to take the musical reins on Saturday night.

Birthed in Wiltshire, and now based in the new city, they’ll be a good visit for fans of Joy Division and The Horrors – Bordeaux take influence from both.

Support is coming from a band named after one of our favourite locations, Montmartre.

This quintet are all about brooding harmonies, swelling crescendos and yearning lyrics.

The all ages show is yours for a fiver.

More than three decades from its release Blancmange are back with the re-imagined and re-recorded debut album Happy Families Too – and they are coming to the Wolverton haunt to play the album entire live, this Sunday evening.

The record has had been given a decidedly 21st century spin, as Neil Arthur explains: “I just wanted to approach the songs using today’s technology,” he says, “Every time we perform it’s a different interpretation. So rather than just dust dust off the old songs, I wanted to bring something fresh to the project and make it a contemporary reworking rather than an exact imitation.”

Electro revivalists La Roux, Hot Chip and Metronomy are among a huge batch who have workn the Blancmange influence on their work. Now it’s your turn to see the music pioneers in play.

Back to the old school we go on Monday night with the return of a band City Nights used to be a bit partial too, back in the day.

London ‘erberts King Prawn and their mixed up musical flavours were as infectious as those nasty diseases we won’t mention in the here and now, but a whole load more appetising.

Still, trawling the land in a transit takes its toll, and the Prawn called time on their dramas back in 2003.

But like the proverbial boomerange they’ve come back, still with that crackingly infectious back catalogue, of course, but now with some newbie deliveries too – a limited run of 7” singles will be for sale at the show.

Line-up wise, some things change – Babar luck won’t be on bass duties this time around, instead his role has been filled by Zac Chang, otherwise though, it’s the same old crew with the same fantastic buzz about them, and they must be enjoying it because we understand an album is being inked in for early next year.

Support is coming from our very own Anti-Vigilante, who have had quite the successful 2013 themselves, including those fantastic appearances at the Reading and Leeds Festivals that they scribbled about on this page.

Clear headliners in their own right, their addition to the show makes for a decidedly meaty package – AV will be on the bill when the prawn wrap up this touring stint at the Koko a week on Sunday for those that want to see out the weekend with a blast.

Last up at The Craufurd this week are Texan psychedelic groove rockers Scorpion Child, bringing ‘dangerous riffs, soul-ridden bass lines and thunderous drums with powerful rock vocals’ to those woh can be bothered to greet them.

And be bothered you should, because this lot are loaded on the music front.

Hop online, do the google thing and then we’ll ask you again what you are doing on Monday evening...

Tickets are £8.