Debut e-novella for city writer

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Everyone loves to lose themselves in a good book, but what happens if you just don’t have the time to get stuck into a major tome?

Perhaps you can be persuaded to pick up the debut e-novella by MK writer Kit Gonzo instead...although he writes using the pen name Kit Power.

“My mild mannered alter ego,” he explains of the alteration.

The novella, The Living Husband and the Faithful Wife was released this week and shows an idyllic marriage shattered by the arrival of a charismatic young workman, during a routine renovation.

Trust turns to suspicion and love to jealousy, forcing the husband to confront his darkest fears, and provoking the question: Just how far is he willing to go to protect the things he loves?

A second, shorter read, The Debt is part of the package.

“Two dark tales of psychological pressure, desperation and fear, these stories invite you to see what lies beneath the surface of ‘ordinary’ people and to consider just how little it takes to move them to the edge, and perhaps over it...” Kit told GO!

“They are exciting, scary and genuinly thought-provoking tales, and I’m really proud of them, and buzzed to be getting them out into the world,” Kit added.

“The voice of the narrator in ‘The Loving Husband’ was partly inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle writing as Dr Watson in the Shirlock Holmes stories, though in a modern setting.”

Intrigued? Time to investigate then. The e-release can be purchased throughBlack Beacon Books. Pay a visit to