Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married

Wedding invite
Wedding invite

EVERY girl wants her wedding day to be special, but new city lady Emma Pennie has trumped the opposition, with a real ‘first’ – she is swapping the walk down the church aisle for a walk along a cinema one!

Emma and partner Spencer Cosford are film buffs and decided to replace the traditional service environment for a screen at Cineworld in Xscape, writes Sammy Jones.
The couple, both from Milton Keynes, met three years ago and soon discovered they shared a passion for film: “We both had Unlimited cards and used to visit the cinema regularly, perhaps two or three times a week,” Emma told GO!

“I’d read somewhere you shouldn’t go to the cinema on a first date, so we didn’t, but we went along for our second one.

“What film did we see? It was Bruno...Spencer was lucky he even got a third date!” she laughs.

Whenever the couple attended pal’s weddings, Spencer would say ‘When I get married, I want to do it in a cinema,” Emma recalls.

“I thought ‘no way’”.

But romance won out in the end, when Spencer (favourite film Sureshank Redemption) surprised Emma (favourite big screen hit Pay it Forward) with a trip to New York.

“He proposed by a fountain in Central Park and we went to Tiffany’s looking for a ring...I decided he should have his cinema wedding after all!
“After the initial shock had passed, my mum was so happy, she is so excited for us!

“Cineworld staff did take a little convincing when we asked about staging the wedding there,” Emma admits,

“It took a few emails and a phone call to convince them, but they have been fantastic.

“They took on all the licensing issues too. “The staff have been absolutely brilliant, and operations manager Barry Mowatt has been a complete star, he couldn’t have done more for us.”

“It’s been more than a privilege to work on the event,” says Barry – who has been invited to the wedding as a thank you from the happy couple: “Cineworld has never heard of anything like this before, and to be able to do this as part of my work really puts the wow factor into my job.”

More than 100 guests will take their seats in the specially decorated Deluxe Screen with fairy lights twinkling as the bride makes her way to the alternative ‘altar’ next month.

But guests won’t be dressing up as film characters. Emma has drawn the line at that: “It’s about me, not a film!” she exclaims.

“From the age of about five years old, every girl knows what they want their dress to be like, and I didn’t want to compromise that.”

Emma is opting for a traditional ivory wedding dress.

It will be simple and perfect, although the cinematic theme will still be involved: Traditional confetti is being replaced by a specially made batch of popcorn – with no sugar, no salt and definitely no butter.

“Imagine the mess my dress would be in otherwise!” she laughs.

A more traditional reception will be hosted away from the cinema before the happy couple head out on honeymoon – they’ll enjoy a ‘mini-moon’ in Rome, followed later in the year by a trip to Tibet.

Then it’ll be back to sunny Milton Keynes, and time to reach for those Cineworld Unlimited cards once more: “The buzz we get from film is the chance to be completely immersed in a fantastic story that’s playing out in front of you at a larger than life size.

“You can really feel every moment of action, romance, comedy, horror, sheer spectacle and general all round entertainment… we love it!”

With so much movie action happening around them, you might expect the happy couple to FILM their big day...but you’d be wrong.

Watching films is one thing, but starring in one? It’s not for them!