Could Woolworths be set to return to Milton Keynes after former boss makes admission?

Retailer collapsed in 2008 after racking up debts of £400m but former boss plans to resurrect brand.

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Do you remember Milton Keynes in 1976?

Do you remember Milton Keynes in 1976?

Celebrating Milton Keynes (MK50) – 1976.

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The Safeway name has been restricted to the USA since Morrisons rebranded UK stores in 2005

Morrisons to revive Safeway brand

Morrisons is reviving the Safeway brand as it looks to branch out from selling to consumers and enter the wholesale market.

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Remember when children used to play outdoors?

10 best outdoor games we used to play that our kids have never heard of

Kids of the 70s, 80s and 90s will remember them well with a nostalgic tear in their eye but here are 10 great outdoor games we used to play that our children have probably never heard of.

Warrior treasures from Wollaston

Major new UK exhibition to feature rare warrior treasure finds from Northamptonshire

A major new UK exhibition will be featuring rare warrior treasure finds from Northamptonshire and a new sculpture from Brackley-based Stuart Makin . . .

School at York House

A look at the way Stony used to be

Remembering the way we were, or at least the way Stony Stratford was, is the focus of a photographic exhibition being hosted at York House in Stony Stratford this Sunday.

Fenny Stratford historian John Taylor

Incentives for going shopping

It’s happened again!

John Taylor, historian of Fenny Stratford.

Historian’s books shed light on town’s wartime history

Milton Keynes historian John Taylor has released two books about the wartime history of the town.

Ye Olde Swan

The Way We Were by John Taylor

Despite the urban desecration, within our local countryside there are possibly still far flung colonies where an intrusion into some local taverns engenders no less a fearful apprehension than had an intergalactic emissary from the planet Zog materialised.

High Hefner

The Way We Were with John Taylor: OAP babe magnets

Babe magnets. Whatever is their secret? And regarding the male species there is perhaps no sight as sad as an apprentice geriatric ‘trying it on’ with younger females.

You can take our freedom, but we will never surrender our sausages!

Freedom and more sausages

Yes, it’s sausage time. Again. For whilst surfing the web my faithful hound Herbie discovered ‘The cuisine of Hungary produces a vast number of types of sausages.’ Easyjet, here we come.


The Way We Were with John Taylor: The greatest greasy spoon cafes of Milton Keynes history

The joys of fine dining in Milton Keynes - well, the local cafes.

Latvian chocolate sausage. Man, it must be pretty awesome in Latvia,

The Way We Were with John Taylor: Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, and your many types of sausages

My dog Herbie was browsing his weekly copy of the ‘Woofbags Times’ when he froze in amazement. For there in a piece about the impact of migrants on Wisbech was the sentence; “Latvian shops, with 40 types of sausages...”

Ghostbusters (pictured busting some ghosts)

The Way We Were with John Taylor: The ghosts, apparitions and general scary things on Milton Keynes

There are many imponderables in life. Why do dogs Christen lamp posts? What is it with women and shoes? And, of course, ghosts.

John Taylor

The Way We Were with John Taylor: Home and Away

Educated at Queen’s College, Cambridge, in 1838 the Reverend Stephen Davies, curate of Bow Brickhill, wrote a book entitled ‘Young Men; or an appeal to the several classes of society on their behalf’.


The Way We Were wuth John Taylor: The M1 arrives in Milton Keynes

An initial acquaintance having been sought by the Divine Comedy, on my first and recent experience of National Express it was a slight disappointment to find there was no ‘Jolly hostess serving tea’.

Nostalgia 1

The Way We Were with John Taylor: Letting off steam

The local press has always been important for recording social history, and while browsing the archives it was pleasing to note that Lady Smith has been relieved. Thank goodness, poor woman must have been desperate. But then it transpired it was really Ladysmith, in South Africa, and the piece referred to the lifting of a siege during the Boer War.

Vroomed for some vintage motors in Stony Stratford

Vroomed for some vintage motors in Stony Stratford

Thousands of vintage car lovers were given a New Year’s treat last week.

schmaltzy exploitative sainsburys xmas ad

The Way We Were with John Taylor: The Christmas truce

Christmas - for many people it’s a time of Christina celebration. But for the ‘touchy feely’ it is a time of ‘Winterval’.

These are some bananas

The Way We Were with John Taylor: Going bananas at the end of the war

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