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RED Hot cooking has gone online – with the city’s world buffet now available in a takeaway format.

The Theatre District based restaurant has been attracting customers for a while now, but the company has only recently launched the new service.

Which led to a number of hungry journalists sampling a selection of its fare last week.

At a wallet friendly £7.99 for the meal deal – a starter, main dish and a side or dessert – Red Hot’s takeaway service fits in with today’s austere times.

Individually, starters cost just £2.50 and main courses a paltry £4.99.

The only slight gripe was that the food took more than an hour to arrive, but once it did the portions were plentiful and there was more than enough flavour to tickle the tastebuds.

Starters included Katsu prawns, vegetable samosas, deep fried calamari rings, chicken tikka and onion bhaji.

Pizza and noodles are also on the menu for those with an aversion to spicy food; and, be warned, some of the fare provided by Red Hot can have a bit of a kick to it.

If you’re not a big eater a main course would probably be enough for you and there is a wide variety of those on offer.

The Citizen team tucked into ginger and spring onion stir fry with chicken, mixed vegetable curry, sweet and sour pork, Thai curry chicken - both red and green – and Pad Thai.

For regulars to the Red Hot restaurants, the food was the same strong offering that you would find under its Savoy Crescent roof.

Meals are expertly cooked and offer a variety of flavours that wouldn’t be found at a speciality restaurant, giving diners a taste of lots of different kinds of food.

Our hungry bellies even managed to sample a selection of desserts, on offer for just £2.25 each, with the white chocolate and raspberry swirl cheese cake proving particularly popular.

Full details of the service can be found at