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Steve Turner
Steve Turner
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AT the tail end of the 1960s, you’d have found Steve Turner at work on the Manchester folk scene.

At the start of the 70s he joined forces with Geordie rabble Canny Fettle, making records and touring these fair isles for the best part of a decade.

In ‘79, Steve picked up the Stars of the 80’s gong in a nationwide competition hosted by Melody Maker magazine.

He turned pro until the start of the 90’s when he stepped away from the folk-side, instead choosing to launch a retail business with violins at its core, and musically he walked a more classical path.

But if you’ve got a passion for folk, it never really goes and so in 2004, he stepped back to the fore once again.

“Turner’s ability to hold the listener rapt as the stories unfold is a delight,” say those who have booked him to appear at The Song Loft tomorrow night.

“A man who is at the very top of his trade, his passion and various shades of delivery are a treat to hear.”

Tickets for the show at the Cock Hotel in Stony Stratford are £7, doors open at 8.15pm.

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