The Hype is building...and that’s no lie!

Hype Kronik
Hype Kronik

A WHILE back, Hype Kronik delivered the catchy urban tune 141, and things started sizzling for the Bletchley-based fella.

Then he improved on those initial rumblings when he issued Dutty Weekend.

Not about to let the heat subside, he returned this simmer, we mean summer, with the newbie track Don’t Bother Lie.

Fellow new city dwellers Tim Lawson and N Dread, himself a frequent face at the SNO!bar where he is a resident spinner, produced the track along with Hype.

And as our picture shows, Hype and his tunes have been making lots of new friends and influencing plenty more in the sunshine state of Ayia Napa.

The party-faithful on the island have been sporting the ‘Don’t Bother Lie’ stickers, and adopting the slogan as part of their lingo...but some went that bit further, took a trip to the tattoo parlour and had the words inked on them.

That’s dedication, that is!

The title is fairly straight forward, we’d have thought, but in case you aren’t clear, Tim sums up: “It’s an energetic banger detailing some of the most common porkies told by males and females alike.

“This song has something that everyone would have experienced at some point and as always contains the energy Hype Kronik is known for bringing each and every time.”