Trove of eye candy

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If modern art fails to impress, you’ll perhaps not be frequently found crossing the MK G threshold.

But a curious exhibition launching with this evening’s private view could change all that.

Treasures in MK features the old with the new – in fact, pieces displayed span close to an entire millennium.

As wide as the time span is, so too is the scope of objects being shown, loaned from more than 50 collections and pulled together to create one truly exceptional exhibition.

Old Masters including Gainsbourg and Romney will be represented alongside more contemporary deliveries from modern creators like Picasso and Warhol.

Oh, and pop fans might like to check out the self-portrait of David Bowie.

But don’t be mistaken and think this is a show offering hanging art and nothing else.

Treasures in MK is a trove of temptations for the eye – from taxidermied pelicans from a private zoo to the Boarstal Cartulary dating back to the 11th century.

And girls, there is a good chance your fella will be wanting to check out some hot bodywork at the show.

But before you throw a wobbly, relax – it’ll belong to an Aston Martin DB4 being shown in the long gallery!

Memorabilia from the ‘godfather of British aviation’ Frank McLean will also figure.

Other pieces have been loaned by companies nearer to, and in MK itself – Waddesen Manor, Buckinghamshire County Museum and the Open University.

Gallery director Anthony Spira is thrilled with the new show, while working hard to make the most of future developments at the art hub.

“We hope that by working intensively with both artists and collectors around Milton Keynes, we can build and nurture a strong, dynamic and thriving artistic community in the build up to the much needed expansion of the Gallery’s facilities,” he said.

Treasures in MK shows through to March 30.

Admission is free.