Typhoon Relief Benefit is concert with wide appeal

JMC on the bill for the benefit show
JMC on the bill for the benefit show

Spurred into action by the horrors cause in the wake of the most recent Philippine typhoon, Filipino singer Abby Rosales Jones has decided to host a benefit concert.

Saturday’s event will feature a suitably varied line-up – whether it’s street dancing or Latino music which floats your creative boat, this show has got it covered.

Joining street dancer B-Boy JMC and the Latino talents of The Slipperman, the audience will also be privvy to world music band Crossroots, Rachel Lawrence and her Bollywood dance troupe, Filipino singer Anita Bovey and keyboard ace Jessica.

Aside from organising, Abby will also headline the event, which is being held at St Paul’s Catholic School, Phoenix Drive, Leadenhall.

Doors open at 6pm and the sounds go live an hour later.

Tickets are just three quid in advance, or £4 on the doors.

A family ticket is a tenner, and entitles two kids and two adults entry.

To book your tickets to the show, call on 07508 751425.