Academy students go bananas

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STUDENTS preparing for their GCSEs at MK Academy have been given brain food so ensure they give the exams their best efforts.

The year 11 students are receiving free bananas, energy bars and bottled water before every exam and a free nutritious breakfast or lunch before their English, maths and science exams.

Research has shown that students perform better in exams if they eat well first, so Academy staff decided to make sure that teenagers are not hungry while sitting their GCSE’s.

“It’s a great idea,” said year 11 student Steph Matz. “The food is boosting our brain power!”

Assistant Head of Year 11 Michelle Rance said the experiment was working well.

She said: “A lot of children arrive at school with an empty stomach, so we decided to give them food before exams to liven them up and provide them with energy.

“The students have responded really well and I am optimistic that it will help their grades.”

Miss Rance also added that gathering teenagers together in the restaurant to eat before an exam helped them relax and support each other.

The initiative has also been rolled out to older A-level students.