Alan Turing may soon be granted a pardon

Alan Turing statue with artist Stephen Kettle
Alan Turing statue with artist Stephen Kettle

Codebreaker Alan Turing may soon be issued a posthumous pardon after a second reading of a bill in Parliament on Friday.

Government whip Lord Ahmad has advanced a parliamentary bill which would grant Turing a full pardon for his 1952 conviction on gross indecency charges for homosexuality for which he committed suicide just two years after.

Labour parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes South, Andrew Pakes, supported the move.

He said: “I am really pleased that the bill to grant Alan Turing a pardon received its 2nd Reading in the House of Lords last week. It now looks like the Government have changed their mind and will support a pardon when it is discussed in the House of Commons later this year.

“Labour has already announced its support for a pardon which means it should be supported by a majority of MPs. This has been a long time coming, but we should also remember all those also convicted under the same law but not subject to a pardon.”