All steamed up over kettle row

Wolverton Council Office
Wolverton Council Office

TEMPERS are bubbling in Wolverton after the town council requested a £10 fee – for the use of its KETTLE.

All steamed up is the Wolverton Steering Group, made up of volunteers working together to improve the area.

They got into hot water after they asked for the use of the town hall for their meeting.

The town council, which has representatives on the steering group, agreed they could have it for free – but warned there would be a charge for “refreshments”.

One steering group source said: “We can’t afford this, so we told the council we planned to bring our own supply of coffee, tea, milk and disposable cups.

“All we needed was the town hall kettle and a bit of water.”

But the town council stuck has to its guns. In an email its clerk told the group: “Any provision of refreshments will incur a £10 charge up to 16 people. This will include the provision of the kettle.”

Now the steering group members are so disillusioned that they are considering changing venues.

“We have been offered the use of the community centre, next door to Tesco,” said the source.

“This is run by a charity and, unlike the town council, does not have paid officers. But they are willing to let us use their kettle for free.

“The situation is hugely disappointing since we were under the impression the town hall was a civic building, paid for by local residents and for use by the community.”

A spokesman for Wolverton and Greenleys Town Council said: “We are committed to providing support to local groups.”

She said the charge was imposed to spare local taxpayers from subsiding refreshments for meeting room users.

The £10 would cover tea, coffee, water, milk and mugs if necessary, she added.