Astrid takes remote working to a Himalayan level

Astrid Byro
Astrid Byro
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AN IT expert is setting out to become the world’s most extreme remote worker.

Astrid Byro is due to undertake a gruelling trek to Everest Base Camp next April to raise money for The National Museum of Computing’s (TNMOC) learning programme.

Astrid Byro

Astrid Byro

But her busy IT career means she has very little spare time and the only way she can do the trek is by continuing to work with her UK-based team as she travels through the rocky wastes in one of the world’s great wildernesses.

She said: “I’m no stranger to remote working, but I began to realise that my glib proposal to work from the Himalayas was a horse of a different feather.

“Lugging a laptop isn’t feasible and communications there are uncertain at best.

“Researching how to manage to work from the mountaintops has become essential, and it has brought completely unexpectedly benefits.

Astrid Byro

Astrid Byro

“Software from one of my sponsors, Atlassian, is enabling me to implement a web interface to manage my team remotely. The team already like it so much because of the transparency it has brought to their work that it looks set to become a permanent feature.”

Her next task is to see how she can improve communications without relying on internet cafes which will disappear as she nears Everest Base Camp.

Astrid has made a great start on her way to her target of fundraising £20,000 towards the TNMOC project to encourage the next generation of promising young programmers.

She is paying all of the costs of her trip from her own pocket – so donors and supporters can be assured that all of the funds she raises will be for TNMOC, which is based at Bletchley Park.

People can read more about Astrid’s progress on her blog ABC2EBC or can support her on her JustGiving page.