At last somewhere for atheists to go to sing

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A godless congregation is coming to Milton Keynes with the intention of celebrating life, not the afterlife.

People of all faiths and none have been invited to attend The Sunday Assembly meeting on Monday, October 28.

“It’s all the good bits of church without the bad bits,” said co-organiser Anna Wingerath. There will be singing of pop songs and talks.

“It is the only place to have a sing if you are an atheist! It is like that amazing 10 minutes on the dancefloor of a wedding when you don’t know anyone but don’t care. Only it goes on for two hours and is like a drug.”

Anna, co-organiser with her “partner in life and crime” Coylah Willock, became hooked on the concept by attending a show at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Assembly, at Chrysalis Theatre, Japonica Lane, will invite people to donate a contribution at the end of the two hour Assembly. Already about 50 tickets have been allocated out of a capacity of 200.

The Sunday Assembly started in London when a godless congregation took over a disused church. The concept is on tour.

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