Aviary donations sent to Wildlife Centre

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Small change donated by visitors to the Aviary at Waddesdon Manor has been put to good use.

Each coin thrown into the grotto fountain has been painstakingly washed and counted by volunteers and donated to Cikananga Wildlife Center, a conservation charity based in Java that is currently releasing Critically Endangered birds back into the wild, and like Waddesdon Aviary, safeguards the vulnerable Sumatran Laughing Thrush.

The money collected so far this year has enabled the team at Cikananga to buy a new motorised vehicle which is needed for many tasks including moving animals, and taking the long trip to the market to buy supplies. The donation has also been used to repair some dilapidated enclosures.

Carola and Stephan from charity ZGAP that work at Cikananga sent an email to Ian Edmans, Curator of Birds at Waddesdon Aviary, as a thank you for the donation,

“Last week the new motor cycle arrived at Cikananga, attached you can see your beautiful present. We are all very happy and want to give a big, big thank to you Waddesdon Manor and the Rothschild Foundation. Whenever we use it, and that will be every day, we will think of you.”

For more information on Cikinanga visit the website