Bodyguard earns national qualification

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City bodyguard and personal safety trainer, Andre Maingot, has recently achieved his KEWAP Instructors qualification.

KEWAP which stands for ‘Knives & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme’ was designed by a former military specialist instructor Mr. Steven Timperley.

KEWAP comes in two variants. The under 18s version is aimed at schoolchildren to give them an awareness of knife crime in schools and their community. It doesn’t use scare tactics but shows learners the dangers of weapons carrying as well as teaching them ways to survive an attack. Over 18s can be tailor made according to who wants the training. This could vary from a healthcare professional who deals with violent patients to Security or Police looking for fast and effective way of dealing with attackers.

Andre said: “It seems almost a daily occurrence that when you pick up a newspaper you read about someone being stabbed.  Although there are many knife awareness initiatives in the UK, KEWAP takes awareness training to a whole new level.  KEWAP is unique in that it focuses on what is known as ‘soft skills’ i.e. awareness, avoidance, the Law and knives as well as choosing escape routes and post conflict considerations. Ultimately being a KEWAP Instructor permits me to deliver a standardised message which is a real privilege in regards to being able to make a greater impact on my community”.

Anyone who is interested in booking a KEWAP course or related programme may contact Andre on: 07572 750 828 or email him here