Book marks the campaign to save Bletchley Park

Dr Sue Black
Dr Sue Black

SHE might not have written it yet, but Dr Sue Black’s book about Bletchley Park is already eagerly anticipated.

The Senior Research Associate at University College London has been campaigning since 2008 to save one of Milton Keynes’ biggest icons and was instrumental in releasing the Alan Turing papers to the nation.

Dr Black said: “The first time I went to Bletchley Park, I heard about the financial trouble they were in and it just blew me away.

“This is not only a symbol of the efforts that shortened the Second World War by two years and saved millions of lives, but it is also the start of the computer generation.

“It needs to be saved, regenerated and remembered.”

With the future of Bletchley Park looking brighter every day, Dr Black was encouraged to put her story into print - not that it wasn’t well documented online already.

“I kept a blog, Tweeted, emailed,” she said. “So it’s just a case of compiling it all now!

“I’ve passed the number of donations I needed to get the book commissioned, so now I actually have to sit down and write it. I hope it’ll be ready in the next three to six months.”

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