Business entrepreneur dreams of the carefree Mediterranean!

Business entrepreneur John Triplis
Business entrepreneur John Triplis

This time next year, 25 year-old business entrepreneur John Triplis hopes to be lying on a private beach in the Mediterranean without a worry in the world.

John, of Farmborough, in Netherfield, Milton Keynes, won a National Entrepreneur of the Month Award for his work in developing his property maintenance business, Lasting Impressions.

The home business has grown from a turnover of £69,000 in its first year and is projected to bring in £125,000 in its second year, putting him well on the way to achieving his beach dreams. Judges in Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneur’s Circle were duly impressed and awarded last month’s national prize. John has won two local awards for the Milton Keynes and Bedford area.

John said: “It’s my biggest ever achievement in my whole life. It’s fantastic to get nationwide recognition for the hard work I have put in. It also makes me proud to show tradesmen in a good light as they are all too often described in a negative manner.

“I believe that the work I do to build the business and provide the service I do is changing industry norms for the better. It also brings focus to the Milton Keynes area and the people who I associate with reap the benefits of additional attention and networking to their businesses because of the awards.

“On a personal level, it’s like winning an Olympic Gold medal for business.”

And when he was asked what he would like to be doing this time next year he said: “Hopefully lying on a private beach in the Med without a worry in the world!”