Firm gives owl rescue a lift

Paul and Ollie the owl

Paul and Ollie the owl

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A Good Samaritan dog walker decided to save the life of a near-death owl he found lying on the ground inside a barn.

Paul Doidge, of Two Mile Ash, found the stricken bird had fallen from a box in the rafters of the barn and it wasn’t looking too healthy.

The Nifty Lift kit in operation
The Nifty Lift kit in operation

But Paul realised the owl was alive, although not in good shape, and he decided to attempt to save its life. He succeeded in nursing the owl, which he nicknamed “Ollie”, back to health and after a number of weeks it had grown significantly.

Not satisfied with just saving Ollie’s life, Paul decided to address the problem with the old owl box design, and built a completely new one to be used for future broods. Paul wants the barn’s location to be kept a secret.

Due to the awkwardness of the location he called on Milton Keynes based access platform manufacturer Niftylift, based in Fingle Drive, Stonebridge, for assistance, and the team was more than happy to help.

Since Ollie’s re-housing, Paul has been back to check on him and all appears to be going well now that he has been re-united with his mother.


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