Helicopter visits Milton Keynes golf course to ‘rotor-vate’ supporters!

Children's Air Ambulance reception in Milton Keynes

Children's Air Ambulance reception in Milton Keynes

A new air ambulance service for children visited Milton Keynes to drum up financial support for the charity.

The Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA), like other services of its kind, is funded solely through donations from the public and corporates – there’s no government or National Lottery cash for the £134,000 per month running costs.

TCAA will not attend rescues like other air ambulances but will undertake emergency transfers of children already in hospital, suffering from illnesses such as meningitis, severe burns or organ failure and in need of urgent and lifesaving care.

The crew is in the final stages of training, and is in the process of visiting five children’s transfer groups across the UK for familiarisation purposes. TCAA began undertaking specialist team transfers in December 2012, and will start to transfer young patients a little bit later this year.

Milton Keynes businessmen and women, volunteers, representatives from community groups and deputy mayor Brian White attended the reception at Abbey Hill Golf Centre on Tuesday (February 5).

Mr White said: “As a city with lots of young families and lots of children who will need this service, [TCAA] will really benefit the city.”

For more information contact fundraising mnager, Nicole Rolfe, on nicole.rolfe@theairambulanceservice.org.uk or 07769 969 293 and visit www.thechildrensairambulance.org.uk




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