New high tech dentist uses water and lasers in place of drills

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A new Milton Keynes dentist is using lasers and water in a bid to reduce the need for uncomfortable drilling.

Dentist Direct, in Singleton Drive, Grange Farm, is a franchise business run locally by principal dentist Mrs Girija Sree Challa.

The company uses a treatment called Waterlase which they say can be used for an increasing number of dental procedures and reduces the need for drills and anaesthetic.

Mrs Challa, a bachelor of dental surgery also has a masters in children’s dental health, says: “We understand that drills and needles can scare the toughest of adults as well as children. We aren’t known as ‘The dentist for people who don’t like the dentist’,” for nothing.”

As far as being a franchisee, Mrs Challa said; “I will have the time to focus on making the business a success and concentrate on providing a quality service to patients.

“Knowing that there is a team of marketing, HR and financial experts supporting me in the background takes away the headaches that are usually related to running a business, and it gives me the flexibility to manage the balance that I want between work and home life.”

Dentist Direct Milton Keynes opened on March 27. It was the second franchise to open in the last eight months with another five planned to open in other parts of the country within the next 12 months.