There’s no time to stand and stare in a world of change

Paul Tomlinson of Mirus IT Solutions
Paul Tomlinson of Mirus IT Solutions
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ONE of the most significant decisions in the last year for an award-winning Milton Keynes IT company was to bring in a consultant to look at the ways it was working.

Regular customer surveys carried out by Mirus IT Solutions were showing up delays in sorting out support issues.

So Mirus, in Sunrise Parkway, Linford Wood, took on a consultant to take a long-hard look at how the company worked and tasked him with coming up with answers.

The result was the creation of a network of technical support desks, including a rapid response unit, where issues were sent to the correct person as soon as possible.

Mirus managing director Paul Tomlinson, the winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year title at last year’s Milton Keynes and North Bucks Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards, said: “The company now has the structures it needs to continue to grow.”

Not that Mirus has done badly, recording sales of £6.75million last year and on track to make between £8 and £8.5million this year.

Its workforce has risen from 60 last year to 75 now, with seven working in other companies. Finding the right people to fit the Mirus way is at the basis of everything. They test candidates for skills including customer service and attitude to change.

Mr Tomlinson said: “The way things used to be done in the industry was was if you could have a drink with that person they would be the one. Now it is about skills and aptitudes.

“It’s the right way to do it for both Mirus and the candidate. If they were the wrong person they wouldn’t be happy in our culture.”

As well as employing the right people, Mirus is also constantly looking for ways to enhance the business. A new IT recruitment arm, called Natio, experts in telephony and Apple products, and a cloud-focused business, named Vivositi are all new in the firm over the last year.

“We’re always looking at ways to provide services for our customers,” said Mr Tomloinson.