Who is Top Trumps in careers card game?

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Not surprisingly a premiership footballer beats a journalist hands down when it comes to a new career top trumps style card game.

What’s in your wage slip and a rating of how physical a job is are among the trump points listed on each playing card in which players try to beat their opponent by having a higher number.

A top level footballer, for example, may beat the journalist on wage points but when it comes to speaking and listening skills the journalist will be ahead – and top trumps.

MK based company Work Tree designed the innovative top trumps game called World of Work, to improve youngsters’ knowledge of potential careers in a fun and informal way.

Each card features a local employee/employer and includes a picture of them at work. Among them is MP Mark Lancaster who features under his past career as a soldier.

The focus behind the not-for-profit charity is to help young people succeed in their prospective careers by engaging employers in education.

A key part of this involves visits to local schools from those already working in industry to answer quick-fire questions from youngsters about what they do and why they do it.

Tom Bulman, of Work Tree, said: “What we find is that lots of young people don’t meet enough people to make good decisions about what job is going to suit them.”

He added: “If a ten-year-old met just three people a year in different jobs then that is 15 careers they will be aware of before they leave mainstream education.”

Pupils at St Bernadette’s Primary School in Monkston were overjoyed when they got to play top trumps in class.

One player, ten year old Nana, said her favourite top trump is ‘Nurse’ as she likes helping people which is listed as a key skill on the card.

Selling educational products both in the UK and abroad play a vital role in keeping Work Tree active in the community after grant funding had been cut over a number of years. Many of those involved work on a volunteer basis.

Work Tree trustee Karen Mason regularly shares her experience as a solicitor.

Speaking after a Q & A session at St Bernadette’s School, she said: “It’s the best hour I ever spend of my working life, to be able to inspire that many kids in one go is fantastic.”

Work Tree is keen to hear from employers who may want to take part in the scheme.

The World of Work top trumps card game and educational pack is available to schools and individuals on Amazon and ebay or from the Work Tree website www.worktree.org.




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