Confusion over whether nurse’s ‘romp’ was sexually motivated

Jane Jackson
Jane Jackson
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A HEARING into the behaviour of a Woodhill Prison nurse accused of romping half naked with an inmate has been postponed until September after she seemed to admit the encounter was ‘sexually motivated’.

Jane Jackson had previously denied the allegation, but when giving evidence on Wednesday she said: ‘If I was in a state of undress with a male, it’s sexually motivated.’

The 35-year-old nurse had been caught in a private treatment room with a male prisoner at HMP Woodhill in 2009.

The category A prison is home to some of the country’s most dangerous criminals including rapists, murderers, and terrorists.

Ms Jackson jammed a mop under the door of her treatment room and stripped off in front of the inmate she had been treating, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) heard.

Giving evidence she admitted taking her work tunic off after the man, referred to as prisoner A, demanded access to her treatment room.

The hearing had been due to conclude last week, but had to be adjourned amid confusion over whether Jackson denies or accepts the incident was sexually motivated.

“If I was in a state of undress with a male, it’s sexually motivated,” she said.

“It’s not like I intended to be locked in a room with him but it happened and it is very embarrassing.”

Jackson then said her head ‘had gone’ and refused to tell her representatives whether she will formally admit to a sexually motivated encounter with prisoner A.

She was caught out on February 7, 2009, when prison guard Rebecca Langley burst into the treatment room while the nurse was with the prisoner.

“Her top half was naked, and she was holding her bra and staff tunic in her hand,” said Barry Dooley, for the NMC.

“As the registrant dressed, Ms Langley asked how she had locked the door, and the registrant replied that this is how we always do it, by wedging the mop against the door.”

Sobbing Ms Jackson was taken straight to the prison governor’s office and suspended before being frogmarched off the premises.

She has admitted breaking strict regulations by being alone with prisoner A and taking off her clothes, but claims she kept her bra on.

“I wanted someone to dig a hole and bury me, I was so disgusted at what had happened,” Ms Jackson told the hearing.

But she claims it was a one-off after she was intimidated into it by the inmate.

“He said let me into the treatment room, he had this horrible look on his face,” she told the hearing.

“I just froze and panicked, then opened the door.”

Jackson threw her keys to prison doors on a chair while with the prisoner, putting the security of the jail at risk, the hearing was told.

Hannah Pugliesie, a senior manager with Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust, which provides medical care at the jail, said: “Being in a confined space with a prisoner means that you have potentially put at risk the security of the establishment.

“You could be held hostage, you could be at risk in that particular environment.”

Ms Jackson has also confessed to breaching strict security by smuggling deodorant and shower gel into the jail for the prisoner in January 2009.

“Very stupidly I bought toiletries in just to shut him up,” she said.

“It was absolutely wrong but I did it.”

The contraband items were found in his cell following Ms Jackson’s suspension – evidence the NMC suggests shows that Jackson was in a relationship with the prisoner.

He worked in the prison laundry along the corridor from her office, and would regularly chat to the nurse on his way back to the cells.

Ms Jackson was fired by the health trust on July 9, 2009, following an internal investigation.

Paul Morris, who chaired the hearing, said he was ‘reluctantly’ granting an adjournment until September 27.

He said: “It seems Ms Jackson’s representatives were unable to obtain further instructions from their client.

“We acknowledge Ms Jackson has found this process extremely distressing, but we wish to remind her these are serious matters and serious charges which will have to be heard at a new hearing.”

Miss Jackson continues to deny leaving the drugs cabinet open while in the room with prisoner A, and denies her fitness to practice as a nurse is impaired.

The hearing will reconvene on September 27 for a further two days.