Council set to increase in size from 51 to 57

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Milton Keynes Council is set to grow – and so is the bill for councillors’ services.

The number of councillors will soon increase from 51 to 57 and with the average allowance standing at around £10,000 this will mean an increase of £60,000. The plans have cross-party support with all three leaders saying the growing population must be represented fairly.

Leader of the Conservative party, Councillor Andrew Geary, said: “The balance was wrong and this will set that right. MK is growing and the changes will see councillors represent on average 3,500 voters. The number of councillors may be going up but so has the number of people they are representing. We need to represent communities properly because that’s what the people of this city deserve.”

Lib Dem Leader, Councillor Douglas McCall, said: “It’s essential. As a ward councillor you represent people and their problems. Representation must be at an appropriate level. Democracy is important.”

Labour leader, Councillor Peter Marland, said: “The decision is justified, some of the boundaries are odd and in some wards it’s a huge change. There is no perfect electoral system.”