Council spends £450 giving its meeting rooms a literary theme

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A LITERARY theme at the civic offices has prompted an accusation of money wasting by at least one councillor.

Milton Keynes Council spent £450 on new signs after deciding to re-name its 41 meetings rooms, previously identified as numbers.

“Suddenly, instead of going to Room one, we were told to go to the Bronte suit. I didn’t know what they were talking about,” said Labour’s Brian White.

Other civic office rooms have been christened after Chaucer, Kipling and, of course, Milton.

Meanwhile in Saxon Court, the numerical rooms have been named after trees, including Ash, Elm, Hazel, Birch and Yew.

A council spokesman said the re-naming was part of a project to manage rooms centrally and more efficiently under a new online booking system.

“We want to ensure all internal meeting rooms are used before any external (paid for) space is considered,” she said.

“Through the process we found several rooms with the same name/number, hence the need for a new naming system.”

But Mr White said: “This is another example of a council which can’t get its priorities right. It would be bad enough in normal times but when you are making hundreds of people redundant because you don’t have the money it is scandalous to waste what you have so frivolously.”

The amount quoted does not cover officer time in discussing the changes, the confusion and loss of productive work by people going to wrong room or the extra work in directing people to the right place. No councillor appears to have been involved in making this decision and shows just how out of touch with reality some people in the Council are.