Council takes action to stop sewage smells

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Weeks of unacceptable odours from the city’s sewage works have prompted Milton Keynes council to serve an official Abatement Notice on Anglian Water.

The notice requires further works to be carried out as soon as possible to control smells.

The news comes as a breath of fresh air for residents on estates surrounding Cotton Valley.

They say the whiff has been bad enough to make them gag at times this summer,

“If the wind is blowing in our direction we can’t even sit in our garden during the sunny weather,” said one Broughton resident,

The problems have mainly stemmed from an imbalance of bacteria in one of Cotton Valley’s anaerobic digesters.

A spokesman for Anglian Water said measures were already in place to rectify the situation,

“We are very very sorry that residents have experienced smells from Cotton Valley and we are absolutely committed to making things better as quickly as possible,” she said.

City campaigner Sam Crooks said: “I’m delighted this has happened. It’s just a pity the council did not act sooner.”