Council tenant in court for dog nuisance

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A COUNCIL tenant found himself in court on Monday after repeatedly ignoring an injunction ordering him to get rid of his nuisance dogs.

Milton Keynes County Court heard how Lee Jefferies, 22, allowed his dogs to roam free in and around his flat in Swinden Court, Heelands.

They barked at police officers who turned up to investigate complaints and on several occasions dog mess was found in the flats’ communal area.

This was in spite of Milton Keynes Council previously serving an injunction on him, ordering him to remove the dogs.

Mr Jefferies admitted seven allegations of breaching the injunction between February and December 2011.

The case was adjourned to a later date, by District Judge Hickman, primarily to allow Mr Jefferies a chance to prove that he had got rid of the dogs.

A council housing spokesperson said: “These dogs made other residents’ lives a nightmare. Not only with their constant barking, and the fact that they were allowed free reign, but dog mess was also found in the communal area on more than one occasion.

“No-one should have to put up with that.”