Council veto garden shed

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A MAN looking for somewhere to store his tools has been ordered to apply for planning permission – to put up a small garden shed.

Bill Lawley planned to buy a 4ft by 7ft wooden shed from B&Q and erect it at the side of his Kents Hill home.

But his storage-seeking dream prompted a shed-load of problems from Milton Keynes Council’s planners.

“They told me I must lodge an planning application, at a cost of £300, to ask permission to put up a £185 shed. I have never heard such utter madness.”

Mr Lawley telephoned the council’s planning department initially to ask about building an open ended lean-to between the side of his house and his garden wall.

“I was told that would count as a permanent building and would need planning permission.”

Bill, still needing more storage space, told the planning official: “That OK. I’ll just put a garden shed there instead.”

At that point, he says, red tape became shed tape as he was informed he could not legally do that either.

“Apparently it’s because I want to put the shed at the side of the house where, at the other side of the wall, is a wide verge then a redway.

“I was told the shed might be seen from the redway and therefore needs planning permission.”

Bill, who has no other shed space in his small back garden, has now admitted defeat.

A council spokesman said national planning rules covered public visibility of garden sheds

But he added: “We strongly advise this gentleman to contact the council again to see if we can help him.”