Councillors continue to fight Windmill Hill developers

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COUNCILLORS are continuing to fight plans to build houses on Windmill Hill Golf Course despite an appeal from developers.

Plans were defeated by resident pressure last July but an appeal has been made. At a meeting of the Planning and Environment Sub Committee, held last week, it was noted that the application was overwhelmingly refused by the Development Control Committee on September 15 last year.

It was also resolved that the Planning and Environment Sub Committee would work with Milton Keynes Council to defend the decision to refuse planning permission for residential development at the site.

Vice chairman of West Bletchley Parish Council, Councillor Elaine Wales, said: “West Bletchley Parish Council continues supporting residents and MK Council in opposing the proposed planning for residential development on Windmill Hill Golf Course. Members of the Planning & Environment Sub Committee recommended that WBPC work with MKC in defending the decision and any costs associated with this action will be met from WBPC’s ‘Protection of Open space’ budget. The recommendation will go to full council at its next meeting on April 23.”

The developers now want the independent inspector to over-rule residents and the planning committee and build 89 houses on one of the few remaining open spaces in West Bletchley.

Ms Wales said: “We must oppose the appeal. They must not get away with building on this open space. It was a bad proposal last July and it remains a bad proposal. It is appalling that the company can threaten our community and one of the few open spaces. It will impact on local housing and on the roads and on the quality of the environment. We must stop it.”