Cross Keys introduces ‘All The Presidents’ Menus’

Cross Keys chef Johny Richardson with the American Presidents' menu
Cross Keys chef Johny Richardson with the American Presidents' menu
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AN ancient village pub has been handed the Keys to the White House kitchens.

The Cross Keys in Woolstone has been given a set of secret menus which were used to pamper the palates of some of history’s most iconic US Presidents.

Cross Keys pub American Presidents menu

Cross Keys pub American Presidents menu

Dishes fit to set before the Queen of England, as well as John F. Kennedy and his Camelot Court have been handed to the chefs at the newly-refurbished gastro-pub.

And the first of them went on sale at the weekend. The White House Winter Warmer is a beef chilli dish specially created for Lyndon Baines Johnson, the President who took over after JFK was assassinated in Dallas.

As a Texan, LBJ was something of a chilli expert, but even he described it as “darn hot.”

Co-licensee Charmaine Vaz said: ”One of our regulars once spent a week sailing in the Med with the executive White House chef who served under JFK and Jackie, then LBJ and, finally, Richard Nixon.

“During the trip he hand wrote many of the recipes for the Presidents’ favourite dishes for our friend – who then promptly locked them up and forgot about them. Fortunately, while doing a recent clear-out he found them again and generously handed them over to us.”

Her partner Lukasz Rudnicki, who is the chef/manager of the hostelry which dates back to 1560, added: ”The recipes are quite a find and while some are simple, others have been served to several heads of state. We’ll be practising on the rest before putting them on the menu during the New Year.”