Dry Rot sets in at MK Theatre


IF you read our recent interview with new theatre manager Mike Keane, who promised to keep the building in fabulous order (“There is an enormous passion for this theatre, a real love affair for the venue, and we have to cherish that,” he said) news that the venue has Dry Rot is probably something of a shock...and a disappointment, writes Sammy Jones.

But hang on a moment.

Mike hasn’t broken his promise. In fact its quite the reverse. You see, he promised fantastic theatre would continue to spill through the modern doors, and that’s what has happened – Dry Rot is actually a hugely entertaining play from the pen of John Chapman, and it arrives here this week.

So good is it, the fifties comedy has managed to make into the National Theatre’s top 100 plays.

Chapman was a prolific writer, with more than 200 comedies to his name, including Fresh Fields, The Liver Birds and Happy Ever After.

This one is the story of a crooked bookie, his two accomplices and their plan to get rich quick.

It’s simple really: they kidnap an odds-on favourite galloper and replace it with their own decrepit nag.

But this lot get more than they expected as their journey toward the final post unravels – including a comatose horse, a blossoming love affair and a bewildered French jockey...

Anything but lame, this show!

Secret doors, split-second timing, flawless physical comedy and a cast brimming with class, ensure the six day stay at MK Theatre – beginning on Monday – will be a terrific giggle from start to finish.

Taking the lines off the page and executing them perfectly on stage will be Liza Goddard, Gareth Hale (as in Hale, but without Pace), former Hollyoaks lass Gemma Bissix, West End ace and star of many a television drama Neil Stacy, Andrew Paul (aka PC Dave Quinnan in The Bill) and Steven Blakely (who did four series of retro-police drama Heartbeat) are sharing the play and their talents to make for a perfect reason to leave the house and head into town.

Tickets are set at £10 to £25, and you get them by calling 0844 871 7652.