Editor’s column: Such is life

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The subject of our front page story this week is a very interesting one – we think.

It is interesting because you could be forgiven for thinking we were taking a negative approach to the fact that the city’s elderly population is increasing so much, when in fact it is a jolly good thing that we are all living longer. By 2026, a quarter of the population of Milton Keynes will be aged over 60.

Really the fact should be celebrated, but at a time when public services are already being stretched to the limit, it is, I think, quite understandable that the latest figures are taken very seriously to avoid even more difficulties in future.

The contrast between our front page lead story and the picture story could not be more poignant as we are once again reminded that some are not as fortunate as those living well into their 80s.

Poor Henry Allen is now in desperate need of our help to stand a chance of making it into double figures, let alone a ripe old age.

He is an incredibly brave young man who has already gone through more than any four-year-old should. If you can, please do help him in his battle by texting HENR65 to 70070, or you can donate online through www.justgiving.com/HenryAllenAppeal

Simon Downes