Extra funding for schools to help students catch up

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SCHOOLS are set to receive extra funds to help students who have fallen behind through catch-up classes and individual tuition.

An extra £297,000 will help Year 7 pupils who didn’t reach the expected level in literacy and maths when they finished primary school in Milton Keynes to catch up with their classmates who did.

This extra money was announced by Lib Dem Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in September at the Liberal Democrat autumn conference.

Councillor Robin Bradburn, Lib Dem education spokesperson on Milton Keynes Council, said: “The Liberal Democrats feel strongly that no pupil should be left behind in our schools, to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to get on in life.

“To achieve this it is hugely important that every child has a strong grasp of maths and a good reading ability when they start secondary school.”

Schools will receive £500 per pupi lfor those who didn’t reach the expected level of attainment to help them through extra tuition.

Almost half of the pupils who are matched with funding are also eligible for the Pupil Premium, which is focused on disadvantaged pupils.

Schools will have the freedom to decide how best to use the catch-up premium but examples could include small-group tuition supported by new classroom materials and resources, holiday learning help and additional services such as tutors or online support.

Councillor Bradburn added: “Catch-up classes and personal tuition are targeted at those who need a helping hand so their chances of success are increased, rather than letting them fall behind further.

“This will allow whole classes to move forward faster together by boosting pupils’ motivation which will prevent disruptive behaviour in class.”