Forget the bone, give a dog a new home...

Hula pic
Hula pic

HULA Animal Rescue invites you to its St Francis Open Day this Sunday, complete with animal blessing at 3pm.

The bash begins at 1pm, and as you wander the stalls and splash a few pennies and pounds, you do so knowing that every bit goes toward the care and upkeep of the residents in Hula’s care.

If you are thinking of expanding your family with an animal member, please pop along and see those in need of a new home.

It really is a gratifying feeling taking in a desperate, and often traumatised animal, and nurturing them back to health and happiness.

Admission is £2 per adult.

Accompanied kids, and parking is free.

The centre will be raising more funds on the day, selling copies of its 2012 calendar...they make great stocking fillers!

For more info, call on MK 584000.