George is finally given Arctic Star

George Lee with his Arctic Star
George Lee with his Arctic Star

A soldier in New Bradwell has waited for more than 65 years to be recognised for his efforts and bravery during World War Two.

George Lee, aged 92, has finally received the Arctic Star medal from the British Government for his role in the Arctic Convoys - sailing from the UK around Iceland, North America to ports in the Soviet Union.

The veterans have been fighting for recognition from the government since the end of the war.

This isn’t the first medal they have received for their efforts though - George has also received medals from the Russian government.

Step-daughter Gaynor said George was very proud to have finally received the Arctic Star.

“It is great that George has finally been recognised by the government and has got the Arctic Star.

“His bravery and courage should have been rewarded a long time ago. He’s very proud of what he achieved.

“It’s such a shame that it has come nearly 70 years after the war ended, because there aren’t a lot of the soldiers still alive now to be given the honour.”