Going for Gold? Or the wooden spoon?

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THIS summer the eyes of the world will be looking in one direction – London.

Our country’s capital will be hosting one of the biggest spectacles in the sporting world in the Olympics and I, along with millions of others, will be hoping it all goes without a hitch.

Despite my confidence that all will be fine there have been a few incidents in the last few months that have got me sweating like a 100 metre sprinter.

First of all the ticket debacle, which has angered a number of people.

Potential punters would have been thrilled to log on to the ticket website recently to see a number of events with available spaces, at moderate prices. Blimey, I even had a click on it myself.

However, that joy was short-lived when I discovered that the seats I wanted were in fact not available.

And I wasn’t the only one who would have done that either.

Millions would have faced false hope just as I did.

That was fairly minor compared to the news this week that an Olympic security dossier, detailing dates and instructions for pre-Olympics rehearsals, with explanations of emergency “lock-down” procedures and plans to avoid traffic congestion, was lost.

Worryingly, names and mobile phone numbers of constables, sergeants and inspectors were also included in the documents.

Fortunately, the documents fell into the hands of a commuter, who decided to give them to a newspaper. Why they didn’t give them to the police is beyond me but still, they gave them in to someone and that is the most important thing.

If they had fallen into the wrong hands then the safety of millions of people could have been at risk which leads me to say shame on the person who didn’t guard the documents with their life.

I don’t think it’s as strong as one newspaper claimed, that it would give al-Qaeda terrorists a hand in destroying the games this summer, but who knows whose hands it could have potentially got into.

I for one hope that this summer we not only have a number of successes in the medal stakes but we stake a successful claim in showing how well our country can host a major event.

It will stand us in good stead for future World Cups, European Championships and any other events on the global sporting calendar.

Who knows? If that does happen maybe the dream of holding global sporting events in our humble city may become a reality.

And if that does happen maybe, just maybe, I might have more of a chance of getting a ticket to one of the events.......