Going underground with Beatcheck

A LONG lost friend returns to the dance scene in the new city tomorrow night.

For the first time in two years, the Beatcheck brand is back.

They come armed with a new night too, The Concrete Underground.

Fatboy Slim-backed DJ Afghan Headspin will join some of the brightest in underground talent from the vicinity, so that hosting venue the SNO!bar will be buzzing with beats, breaks and basslines.

This fantastic return to form will see Skin Records boy Headspin joined by Magrex, Candyman vs Neil E, Lewis H and residents Uncle Muff and DJ Shift.

Beat magicians from the Dub Lions will also have a hand in proceedings, warming things up with a little dub reggae roar.

“We’ve been busy thinking about a concept that would bring something a little different to Milton Keynes and we think we’ve come up with a winner.

“The Concrete Underground brings all the deep down and dirty frolics that you expect from Beatcheck, but with a few little twists that will make it extra special.

“We can’t wait,” said co-promoter Jason Charles.

Tomorrow’s return to form is an invite only affair, though that isn’t as tricky as it sounds,

You simply need to head webside to www.beatcheck.co.uk for yours.

Doors open between 10pm and 3am and if you make it inside before 10.30pm, you won’t even have to pay an admission charge.

Otherwise you pay a fiver before 11.30am, more after.