Greg Rutherford goes back to his old school

Greg Rutherford revisits his old school Two Mile Ash
Greg Rutherford revisits his old school Two Mile Ash
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STUDENTS at Two Mile Ash Primary School wowed Olympic champion Greg Rutherford with a song written for him as he returned to his school last Thursday.

Pupils belted out ‘Go for Gold’ written by Benny Hawes, one of the teachers at the school, before the long jumper received awards from each year group.

Greg had lunch with staff where he was presented with a Head Teachers and Sports Achievers’ Award by the Head Teacher Mrs Sarah Bennett. Greg was especially pleased saying: “At last I have my Head Teacher’s Award - I’ve been trying all these years to achieve this!”

One of the pupils from the group said, “Greg was kind and made us all laugh. The day was great fun and we were all excited – it felt really special that he’d come to our school.”

Sarah Bennett said, “This has been one of the best days in the history of Two Mile Ash School” and another member of staff, Kelly Davies said, “What a fabulous chap! He was great with all the children and staff.

“We all thank Greg for his time, energy and kindness and think that the Olympic motto, ‘Inspire a generation’ certainly happened at Two Mile Ash last week.”

Greg tweeted during his stay, “I’m currently at the amazing Two Mile Ash School in Milton Keynes having an amazing time. I love my old school!”