Grrrrrrrrreat things ahead

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THINGS are on the up and up for local rock troupe Lionsex.

Indeed, some might say things are going roar-somely well...

The new-city mob release a new single, Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy on Monday.

“Everyone can relate to it.

“It is a song about relationships, it is about the band, it can be about anything you set out to do in life,” says singer Jef Leppard.

“It covers so many things people can relate to.

“I can sing it and mean one thing, but someone else will listen and think ‘I get it, I identify with that,’ but it can be about something completely different to what we meant ...”

Go check the single on Monday, but be back here, same time next week when City Nights will walk you through the release of their debut album, Get It which hits racks on November 7.