Hair-raising mission to cure cancer by girl, 10

Haircut for Cancer PNL-140907-155705001

Haircut for Cancer PNL-140907-155705001

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A 10-year-old girl who felt inspired to join the fight against cancer has had her head shaved.

Serena McInerney, of Faraday Drive, Shenley Lodge, got a number two haircut at Supercuts at thecentre:mk with the aim of raising £5,000 for Cancer Research.

Haircut for Cancer PNL-140907-155639001

Haircut for Cancer PNL-140907-155639001

The idea first came into Serena’s head after she read a teenage love story blighted by the disease. The story, Fault In our Stars by John Green, was recently turned into a film.

Serena said: “After I finished the book I wondered if we could ease the pain and possibly win the battle against cancer.

“My grandparents passed away before I could meet them but I only recently found out that both my dad’s parents died from cancer.

“By this point I already had the idea to do the headshave but this is what gave me a final push to do it.”

Serena’s hair will be donated to The Little Princess Trust, which provides real-hair wigs to children across the UK. She added: “Maybe complete victory over cancer seems a long way away for every sufferer but all of us can help in small steps and mine is shaving my head – maybe you can support me by donating as much as you can to this great cause.”

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