Have your horsebox or trailer tyres checked for free

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HORSE owners in Buckinghamshire are this month invited to a leading tyre specialist in the county to have the tyres on their horseboxes or trailers checked for free.

People are being offered the complimentary check by Kipling Motorist Centre – Milton Keynes, which is located on First Avenue in Bletchley, to ensure their tyres are safe and roadworthy.

Glynn Collins, Manager of Kipling Motorist Centre – Milton Keynes, which is part of the Protyre Group, said: “During the spring many horseboxes and trailers will make their first trip after being stored away for the winter. Not all people are aware that tyres can deteriorate when left unused for extended periods of time.

“Also because some trailers and horseboxes are only used occasionally, often for limited miles, they remain on the vehicle for longer. This can be a problem as tyres become time expired after seven years. We suggest to customers tyres older than seven years should be considered for replacement, even if they appear to have adequate tread depth.

“The reason for this is that tyres will deteriorate over time and the chemicals that keep a tyre in good condition can leech out and they are also susceptible to ozone degradation.”

Kipling Motorist Centre – Milton Keynes is offering a free spring tyre check for horseboxes and trailers, which will include a check on the age of tyres.

Glynn added: “Owners of horseboxes and trailers can undertake a series of simple checks themselves to check the condition of their tyres. We suggest people carefully examine tyres to ensure that there are no cuts, lumps or bulges and that the sidewalls are not affected by cracking or distortion through being left standing for an extended period.

“Tyres must also have a minimum of 1.6 millimetres (mm) of tread, although we recommend that tyres with less than 2.5mm of tread should be considered for replacement.

“Tyre pressures are equally crucial to the safety, stability and economical running of a horsebox or trailer. Under or over inflated tyres can not only affect the handling, but can at the extreme result in a tyre failure. They will also wear more quickly and use more fuel thereby creating more CO2 emissions.”

Kipling Motorist Centre – Milton Keynes specialises in providing tyres for cars and vans. It also offers batteries, brakes, exhausts, MOTs, servicing, suspension and wheel alignment.

For more information, please visit Kipling Motorist Centre – Milton Keynes, which is located at Unit 4, Romar Court on First Avenue in Bletchley, call 01908 372 996, visit www.protyre.co.uk, follow the company on Twitter at www.twitter.com/protyre or log on to www.facebook.com/protyre.