Health service staff are making a difference

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More than 90 per cent of Milton Keynes Community Health Services staff feel their role makes a difference to local service users, according to survey results released on Tuesday.

This is the first year MKCHS has received its results separately to the Primary Care Trust’s. The survey, commissioned by the Department of Health, asks a series of work-related questions to a randomly selected number of staff. This year 400 people completed the questionnaire.

The results show that MKCHS scores above the national average for staff motivation at work, staff engagement and those feeling their contribution makes a difference to service users.

Nine indicators have shown an improvement since last year. Eighty-two per cent feel valued by their work colleagues, 92% believe MKCHS provides equal opportunities for career progression or promotion and more than the national average feel our incident reporting procedures are fair and effective.

Jane McVey, Director of Human Resources for MKCHS, said: “Our organisation has scored above the national average in many of the indicators. I think this highlights the work we are doing to empower staff to provide suggestions on how we can support service-users better and the way we are tackling the financial challenges facing the NHS while ensuring our services strive to continuously improve.

“However, there is always room for improvement and we will be looking at ways we can continue to support our staff. One example of this will be the launch of a zero tolerance campaign aimed at ensuring our staff, service-users and their families understand that we do not accept bullying, harassment or violence of any kind.”

The latest survey results compare MKCHS with other community health trusts, which do not provide mental health services. These can be the most challenging of our service areas for our staff.

MKCHS is responsible for providing NHS community and mental health services across Milton Keynes and specialist dental services across Buckinghamshire.