NHS statement issued on Willen Village Surgery closure

Willen Village Surgery
Willen Village Surgery

A statement has been released regarding the sudden closure of Willen Village Surgery.

Patients were shocked to find the surgery had been closed on Friday morning, despite no prior warning.

Practitioner Dr Agnelo Lobo has resigned from the surgery, although the statemnet does not explain why its closure was so sudden, whether or not Dr Lobo was required to give any notice, and – if he did – why nothing was done to inform patients earlier.

It is believed around 4,000 patients will now be re-assigned to four different surgeries.

Since the closure it has also emerged that another doctor at the surgery, Dr Obiako ‘Eddy’ Okafor has been suspended by the General Medical Council, although it will not reveal why.

The statement, from NHS England, Hertfordshire & South Midlands Area Team, reads: “We can confirm that Dr Lobo of Willen Village Surgery, Willen, has resigned his General Medical Services contract.

“This means that starting on Monday, April 15, 2013, Dr Lobo will no longer be providing GP services from the Willen Village Surgery.

“Unfortunately, due to potential time limitations and restrictions on the use of the building at Willen Village Surgery, Hertfordshire and South Midlands Area Team of NHS England have had to act quickly by allocating and registering patients with other practices in the surrounding area.

“We are working to ensure primary medical services will be delivered to the practice population following the departure of Dr Lobo and we have written to all patients to explain the situation and will keep them updated on future arrangements.

“Our top priority is to ensure patients continue to receive high quality medical services and we are exploring all options for delivering these services both immediately and over the longer term.

“We appreciate this will be an unsettling time for patients at Willen Village Surgery and we would like to thank them for their continued patience and support during this period of change.”