Hero driver nearly up the swanny

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A HERO driver who saved a swan from the busy M1 was investigated hours later by police – amid fears he was planning to eat it!

Edward Green was travelling to Tamworth the day before Christmas Eve when he was slowed by something blocking lanes one and two as he travelled between Newport Pagnell services and junction 14.

As he travelled past in lane three he noticed another driver herding the swan on to the hard shoulder.

He said: “There were no volunteers to pick it up and I knew it would end up going back on to the road. So I pulled over and approached it and as it didn’t appear to be vicious I picked it up and put it in my car.”

Edward now lives and works in Watford as a surveyor for Aitchison Raffety but having spent five years working at the Milton Keynes office, which is opposite Willen Lake, he knew where to take it.

He said: “I called the police and said I had picked up the swan and would be taking it to Willen Lake. They said they would get an officer to meet me there so we could release it. When they didn’t arrive I put it down in the car park and watched it run back to the lake.”

However, after picking up his mother-in-law in Tamworth and returning home he got a visit from police officers who had received a call from a member of the public who had seen the bird in Edward’s car.

He said: “When they arrived they asked ‘You don’t know why we’re here do you?’ and I knew it had something to do with the swan. I was shocked when they said they wanted to check my house, including my oven, to check that the swan wasn’t being cooked for Christmas.”

After reassuring police that he had released the bird to the wild, and showing them the mess it had left in the back seat of his car, they left.

He said: “The best joke I got from people was them asking if I got its cygneture.”