Hidden cheque at MK Gallery prompts international press

Charles Crook carries out his own search for the cheque
Charles Crook carries out his own search for the cheque

A UNIQUE treasure hunt at Milton Keynes Gallery has attracted international attention, writes Charlles Crook.

The news that artist Tomas Georgeson has hidden a cheque for £8,0000 in the gallery has received coverage in places as far flung as America, Japan and Canada.

Since the story was originally broken in The Daily Telegraph last Wednesday, national newspapers and television stations have flocked to Milton Keynes to investigate.

The gallery has also seen additional visitors come to the site to make their own attempts to hunt down the money.

The news has been picked up by American television channels and websites, along with sites in Canada and Japan.

The cheque currently remains unfound. Mr Georgeson said it will be reclaimed on March 1 if it has not been discovered by that date.

MK Gallery’s director of communications, Katharine Sorensen, said the news has increased awareness of their gallery.

“We’ve had lots of national interest in this,” she said.

“The papers and television have all turned up to ask about it. There’s also been global interest – I’ve also been taking questions from places like FOX, AOL and ABC in America, and also the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

“We also had five or six times the amount of visitors we would normally get on a Wednesday in January.

“If it encourages people to engage with the artwork then this is a good thing. We continue to welcome visitors, but we also ask people to respect our artwork.”

The gallery is currently running an exhibition by Silvia Bächli and Eric Hattan called ‘What about Sunday?’

It includes drawings, video installation and sculpture and will run until March 31.

> Reporter Charles Crook carried out his own, unsuccessful, search of the gallery. See our video of him hunting for the cheque