Hip Hop Owes Me Money

Chromeo & Ill Inspired
Chromeo & Ill Inspired

THE first Hip Hop Owes me Money session, held at the Madcap Theatre over Christmas was a big success, and so now the MK B-Boy Historical Society is back with Part Two.

Once more, the tunes are being hosted at Madcap, and Saturday’s session has an equally tasty line-up.

On the first floor, Chrome & Ill Inspired (fresh back from a European tour) will lead a line-up also featuring 32 Troop, Pings, AKS USN, Marksi & Maniphest, True Element, Mixmaster MSC, Dr Lee & Diceman and DSP & Piercey.

On the lower level, HiRes HiFi will include Jon Chase, Dan Butler, Jamie Conway and Jerome Hill.

Hot Afro Caribbean food will be served and a licensed bar will keep things lubricated.

Admission is free, but bring those crinkly bits of paper with the HRHs face on – vinyl, T-shirts and mixtapes are being flogged at the bash.

Aside from the ear-side, the visual will be well catered for too – with an exhibition by Haddon Beats fella Paul Payne, titled ‘New Pop Art Riot!’ on display.

Doors at 7.30pm, music through to 11.30pm.

Well worth sniffing out...