'It'll be all right on the night,' says TV boss

The boss of the city's new MKTV channel has admitted to 'teething problems' after a series of gaffes and bizarre blunders – one of which landed Citizen staff on screen by mistake!

But Jawad Siddiqui insists the channel on Sky 227 – which features a daily three hour advert for a paint roller and once screened the previous day's news bulletin three times – is about to improve dramatically and is already attracting tens of thousands of viewers across the nation.

"We are finding our feet and we are making lots of tweaks.

"This week we are really busy having a major revamp," he told the Citizen yesterday (Wednesday).

In fact staff at the Bletchley-based station were so busy having their revamp that they FORGOT to broadcast their scheduled shows for two days.

On Tuesday all the news bulletins and even the much-repeated screenings of Beverly Hillbillies and Biggin Hill Air Fair failed to materialise.

Instead a programme showing highlights from a breakfast show was played on a continuous loop.

By Wednesday morning there was only a blank screen with the MKTV logo..... until the Citizen popped along to investigate.

We found the Water Eaton studio locked, dark and deserted, with neighbouring tenants professing they had "no idea" what had happened to the MKTV crew.

When we peered through a small window, we saw technical equipment and unmanned cameras - pointing straight at our reporter and photographer.

When our mobile phone rang we thought it may be Mr Siddiqui offering an explanation. Instead it was our boss on the Citizen newsdesk. "You're on the telly!" he said. "I can see your faces looking through a window..."

Afterwards Mr Siddiqui was at a loss to explain our moment of fame, but said all his crew members were out gathering material for a "fantastic" new local news programme, MK Tonight.

He said 84,151 people were viewing the channel – but declined to give the average viewing time.

Meanwhile one inside source told the Citizen: "We have to be patient. Some of the most popular channels were absolute rubbish too when they started but now they're really successful."


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