‘Don’t swim in deadly lake’, plead city’s firefighters

Scene of Bletchleys Blue Lagoon lake where two people drowned in a week

Scene of Bletchleys Blue Lagoon lake where two people drowned in a week

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In the aftermath of two deaths within a week in the notorious Blue Lagoon lake, renewed safety warnings have been issued.

A 20-year-old woman died on Friday, two days after getting into difficulties in the water, while a 61-year-old man died after retrieving a ball from the lake two weeks ago.

Bucks Fire and Rescue Service has responded to 23 emergency responses to lakes, rivers and waterways in the city since 2009.

Christine Duncan, community safety coordinator, says the service will continue to visit the lake twice a day to give out warnings.

She said: “The water contains many hazards including diseases, cold water which can cause your body/organs to slow down or stop working and currents that can pull 
you under or away from 
the bank.”

In the last five years there have been five fatalities in local waters, plus Mr Allsop who died of a heart attack while in the water on July 25.

Within the other 18 incidents, eight people were rescued unharmed, but 10 people who were rescued needed hospital treatment.

According to the service, the city’s troublespots are Willen Lake, Tongwell Lake, Furzton Lake, Caldecotte Lake, Caldecotte Weir, Mount Farm Lake and the Great Ouse (Stony and Newport).

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