‘Exploding’ glass table showered family’s patio area in Milton Keynes

Owners claim their new table 'exploded' in their garden in Milton Keynes

Owners claim their new table 'exploded' in their garden in Milton Keynes


A glass table that ‘exploded’ into thousands of pieces showering fragments across a garden where children had been playing, has left a family in shock.

Mike Peacock and his wife Lisa, of Oakhill, purchased a patio set which was reduced from £599 to £169 in the sale, from The Range in Grafton Court, Winterhill,

But less than a week later, moments after eating lunch outside on their new table and chairs with their three foster children, aged five, 11 and 13, and two-year-old grandchild, the table fractured into shards of glass that flew over 12-feet as it shattered.

Mike said: “I was absolutely horrified because it didn’t break – it exploded. If one of the shards of glass had gone through someone’s eye, it would have blinded them.

“I have dreams and nightmares about it; I haven’t had a full night’s sleep since it happened.

“I keep worrying about the glass remains that could still be out in the garden.

“The children aren’t allowed out there now until we know for sure they can’t get hurt.”

Lisa added: “Thankfully the children were indoors when it happened after playing out in the nice weather.”

A spokesman for The Range said the complaint was being investigated.




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